Hydrotec Engineering Services

What we do?

  • Design & Fabrication of customized Hydraulic & Pneumatic systems and related machinery for any industrial application
  • Repair & Modifications of Marine hydraulic systems
  • Manufacturers of Hydraulic Presses & Log Splitters for a wide range of industrial applications
  • Supply & Installation of Glarie brand Home & Passenger elevators and Escalators
  • High Pressure Piping work for Marine and Industrial applications
  • Plant & Machinery Installation & commissioning
  • Fab & Erection of Steel supportive Structures for plant & Machinery and related civil engineering infrastructural work
  • Small & Medium scale Pre-Fabricated steel buildings.
  • Automation solutions for any industry.

Products & Services

A. Design and Fabrication of Hydraulic Related Machinery

  1. Production type Hydraulic Presses & related machinery for Coir Fiber and Coir Dust Industry, Rubber Industry, Waste Paper & Fabric Baling Industry, Metal forming Industry.
  2. Job type Hydraulic Presses for Workshops and other specific applications.
  3. Hydraulic Power Units for existing Machinery to enhance the productivity & Performances.
  4. Hydraulic Systems for all types of Sluice and Spill way Gates of Irrigation, and Hydro Power systems.
  5. Marine Hydraulic systems for specific applications.
  6. Manufactures of Hydraulic Log Splitters.

B. Design & Fabrication of Belt & Screw Conveyors & Bucket Elevators for Granular & Powder material handling.

C. Design & Fabrication of Pneumatic operated Machinery for various specific applications in the industries.

D. Precession Installation work of Plant & Machinery and Erection of supportive Structures.

E. Upgrading the existing plant & Machinery and relative Automation work to optimize Labour and to Enhance Efficiency in

  1. Coir Fiber and Coir Dust Industry
  2. Rubber Industry
  3. Tea Industry
  4. Waste Paper & Fabric Baling Industry
  5. Metal forming Industry

F. Engineering Services in Marine Industry

Services available in the near Future